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DUI Lawyers in Hartford County Know the Consequences

Recently, strong new measures adopted into Connecticut DUI law have affected DUI defense in Hartford County. Stiffer penalties, including mandatory sentencing, make handling a DUI case without the benefit of legal advice nearly impossible.

At Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C. our Hartford County DUI lawyers know the consequences you may suffer. You should not face them alone. As an experienced Hartford County DUI law firm, we know how the court systems work, understand the sentencing rules, and provide you with the best possible DUI defense in Hartford County.
A Hartford County DUI attorney can mount an effective defense

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Hartford County is a serious criminal offense. You can be prosecuted with or without any direct evidence of your blood alcohol content because the determining factor is whether your ability to drive is impaired. Under Connecticut’s Implied Consent Law any person who operates a motor vehicle is presumed to have given their consent to submit to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test.

If your blood alcohol registers at .08 or above you are legally intoxicated. If you are under the age of 21, your case falls under the zero tolerance law, and you are considered legally intoxicated when intoxication registers at .02 and above.

In a DUI arrest, the following occurs:

  • You are read your rights and detained by the police
  • Your vehicle is towed at your expense
  • You are taken into custody and transported to the police station
  • A blood alcohol test of .08 or higher constitutes legal intoxication
  • You are put in jail until you are bailed out

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At Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C. we know all the steps to handle your DUI charges and have a competent staff at our disposal to resolve the situation. DUI charges are serious and you need a strong and experienced Hartford County drunk driving lawyer on your side to help you through the legal issues—including the suspension of your driving privileges.

Our DUI lawyers in Hartford County advise the best legal options for your situation. Contact us today for a consultation to address your DUI defense in Hartford County.


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