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Criminal Law

We believe strongly in the American Constitutional principle that an individual is innocent until proven guilty.  We work hard to provide a vigorous and competent defense. Our firm has years of criminal defense experience including the skills of a former Assistant United States Attorney. We handle all types of criminal cases regularly appearing in state and federal courts in Connecticut.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime by the State or Federal Government then you know the stress and emotional turmoil that comes with being accused of crime and being prosecuted. Our family will defend your rights vigorously. The founding partner, David A. Golas, Sr. worked for the federal government as a prosecutor at the start of his career where he prosecuted serious felony cases. David, Sr. learned to prosecute cases as an Assistant United States Attorney in Hartford, Connecticut for the United States Government. What David learned and experienced as a prosecutor he now uses to defend clients facing federal and state misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. David, Sr. has shared and taught his sons Jon and David II and his daughter in law Danielle the strategies and the ins and outs of criminal defense. David. Sr. has the distinction of winning an acquittal of all federal charges against his client in a white collar criminal prosecution in Federal Court. David, Sr. has over 43 years of experience defending clients charged with serious felony and misdemeanor charges. When your life is on the line you want someone with experience to protect your liberty. When you hire the Golas Law Firm our family of lawyers will protect you and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the criminal process.

It is very important to ask any attorney that you are considering hiring whether he or she has represented a client against the government in a criminal jury trial to verdict and won not guilty verdicts on all charges. David Sr. has starred down the United States government in a court of law and convinced the jury to acquit his client of all charges and his client went home free, this is a rare feat in Federal Court. It is also important to ask prospective lawyers whether they have conducted a full suppression hearing on evidence in a criminal trial. Also, you need to ask prospective lawyers whether he or she knows how to Appeal your case to the Connecticut Appellate Court, Connecticut Supreme Court and the Second Circuit of Appeals in New York City if needed. Our lawyers have written briefs and argued cases on behave of clients before all of these Appellate Courts.

While most criminal cases do not go to trial it is important to hire a lawyer with the experience and know how to win at trial and to be able to preserve legal issues on appeal. When your liberty and reputation are at stake don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong attorney.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime in State or Federal Court call our office for a free consultation. When you hire us you hire our family to defend you and we pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible outcome for you. When you hire us to defend you we will obtain all the evidence that the State or Federal Government has against you and we will diligently review it. When appropriate we will use private investigators to obtain witness statements and to take pictures of crime scenes. If DNA evidence is involved we will use DNA experts to analyze the prosecutions DNA testing methods and results.

The defense attorneys at the Golas Law Firm have successful strategies and tactics to defend you for every type of serious criminal case including:

-Negligent Homicide
-Voluntary or Vehicular Manslaughter
-Assault or Battery
-Domestic Violence
-Internet Solicitation of Minors Over the Internet
-Possession of Child Pornography
-Sexual Assault or Molestation
-Rape or Statutory Rape
-Felony and Misdemeanor Charges
-Attorney or Physician Misconduct
-Drug Charges
-Sex Crimes
-White Collar Crimes
-Money Laundering
-Credit Card Fraud
-RICO (racketeering)
-Securities fraud
-Bank fraud
-Tax Evasion
-Computer Crimes and Hacking Offenses
-Mortgage, Insurance, or Healthcare Fraud
-Financial Crimes
-Cyber Crimes
-Drug Trafficking, Sale, Possession, Cultivation
-Manufacture of Drugs or Paraphernalia Charges
-Violations of Probation


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