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Drunk Driving Attorneys in Hartford County Providing Needed Legal Help

More than half of the fatal highway accidents involving two or more vehicles are alcohol related. When you are arrested for drunk driving it is vital to get an attorney immediately. The state moves quickly to arraign you and get a guilty or not guilty plea. Without the advice of counsel you can lose your rights and leave yourself unprotected.Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C. has provided drunk driving defense in Hartford County for over 40 years. We know the drunk driving laws and can advise you on how to proceed when charged with drunk driving.
Harsh penalties for drunk driving in Hartford County

The penalties of Hartford County drunk driving law are severe and the consequences you face include:

  • Jail time
  • Loss or restriction of driving privileges
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Drug and alcohol educational classes
  • Negative points on driving record
  • Criminal record
  • Employment and credit consequences
  • Shame and humiliation of conviction

Hartford County drunk driving lawyer knows proper procedures

Never answer questions without your Hartford County drunk Driving attorney present. An experienced DUI law firm in Hartford County knows there are certain technicalities that can affect the outcome of your case. For example, an arresting officer must follow a very specific and detailed procedure when he arrests you for drunk driving in Hartford County. Administration of a blood alcohol test is precise and if inaccurately done, does not stand up in court. If the arresting officer does not follow the correct procedures, charges against you can be dismissed.

Contact a Hartford County drunk driving attorney to protect your rights

In the state of Connecticut, a drunk driving arrest sets two actions in motion:

  • Prosecution of a criminal action
  • Division of Motor Vehicles drivers license sanctions

So, not only do you face prosecution for drunk driving, your license is also suspended within 30 days of your arrest. It is paramount for you get proper legal representation from a Hartford County DUI attorney quickly so both your court issues and driving privileges are addressed and handled to your best interest.

At Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C., our attorneys know the issues you face immediately following a drunk driving arrest in Hartford County. Contact us today at our Hartford County office to consult with one of our Hartford County drunk driving attorneys today.


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