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Choosing the Right DUI Attorney

Drunk Driving charges are a serious offense, and it requires experienced representation in order to make sure that you get as fair a hearing and outcome as possible. For a firm to simply say that they handle DUI cases is not enough, as you need lawyers with a history of success at DUI law.The laws governing DUI arrests are constantly changing, and a practicing attorney should be up to date on those changes. It is the law firm’s responsibility to know all the ins and out of DUI law and put together an effective team to defend your case to the best possible result—whether in court or through an out of court settlement.

Choosing a Local Lawyer

A Hartford County DUI attorney who has practiced in the area for decades should have developed strong bonds with the legal community. They should know the area, the judges, prosecutors, and court systems, granting you peace of mind and confidence because of how thoroughly and effectively they know this situation. A reliable attorney should also stay abreast of current trends and precedents in DUI that, based on case law, literally change overnight. You should make sure to question if they participate in continuing legal education to keep their knowledge base and skills sharp. All of these factors are extremely important in order to ensure you get the best defense to protect your rights.

A Law Firm That Treats You Like Family

No matter how effective or skilled a drunk driving lawyer is, if you do not feel at ease with your lawyer you will not be happy with the results. It is important that prospective clients meet and get to know the law firm before retaining their services.

There are several important questions that you should ask lawyers before settling on one, such as:

  • Does your practice focus on DUI cases?
  • Will you defend me in court or just want to plead me out?
  • How many DUI cases have you handled?
  • What is your firm’s success rate with DUI cases?
  • What are the possible consequences I face with a DUI charge?

Contact a DUI lawyer in Hartford County

When you come to Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C. for a free consultation, our Hartford County drunk driving attorneys want you to ask lots of questions because it is the best way to learn who we are and how we can help you.


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