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Car Accident Attorneys in Hartford County with Forty Years of Experience

A car accident is never expected and always traumatic, even a small one. You must report a car accident in Hartford County if damage is more than $1,000. Even at low speeds considerable damage often occurs beyond that $1,000 limit.

At Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C. our car accident attorneys in Hartford County understand how upsetting a auto accident is and the havoc it wreaks on your life. We have been in practice for 40 years and have represented clients in Hartford County car accidents successfully time and again. You can trust our experience to resolve your case to the best possible result.

Liability for a car accident in Hartford County Research shows that better signage and traffic signal planning can reduce car accidents by one third. State and local transportation departments have the obligation to place and maintain signs. However, drivers are obligated to be vigilant and aware while driving on public roads. If they defy signs, signals, or other traffic control devices, they can be found negligent.

Other parties may also be liable in car accident lawsuits in Hartford County. For example, when we investigate your case we may discover other third parties who contributed to the accident, such as bicyclists and pedestrians who violated the right of way, or an unfettered pet that ran out into the road.

A design defect in a vehicle as a factor causing an accident places partial liability on the manufacturer. Even road debris dropped by another vehicle on the roadway can make a difference. Our team of Hartford County car accident attorneys is aware of these special issues and uses these circumstances to maximize your recovery.

Contact a car accident attorney in Hartford County today At Golas, Golas & Golas, P.C., our car accident attorneys in Hartford County are proficient in current laws and ordinances on car accident law. We protect your rights from day one and seek the compensation you deserve to meet financial burdens resulting from the accident. Do not face your car accident issues alone. Call a Hartford County automobile accident lawyer for help.

Contact us today at our Hartford County office with any questions about your car accident. Provide as much information as possible about your accident. We base fees on contingency—you only pay if we recover damages through settlement or verdict.


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